Negative Energy is what creates Impressionism that makes you look badly! Stay Positive !! Please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡โค๏ธ

Negative vibes create a negative life!! Please please please be optimistic for yourself and others. You will be doing yourself a favor in the long run. If negative influences or people try to harm me, legitimately speaking, you will not allow them to do so. Say “I will not allow negative vibrations or energies to cloud my aura and my inner being” Do this, and all negative energies will leave you. Therefore, you will attain your true seeker of your inner being to manifest happiness. Around you , inside you and beyond. This is way beyond the physical, metaphysical, science based, science proven. Like attracts like. Don’t be a pessimistic person and harm those around you. Karma is so real and it will act against you if you have or intend to inflict harm on others. Please, be a being that radiates love and light!! I advise this with my inner most being that when you radiate good, only good things will flow to you and from you. Don’t allow people to bring you down. Don’t allow people to hurt you or belittle your dreams and inspiration! You are a unique being and one that should be a unique being radiating an abundance of love! Too many times I see people who get hindered by other people’s successes, it’s so upsetting to me. This is why we need to bask in each others triumphs and stop โœ‹ the negativity overflowing the positive people and outcomes they bring to the world. If you haven’t found your true calling yet, I promise you, you will find it. Don’t hate on others for projecting their truth to the world. Radiate love and light and positive energies, everything else will follow. Again, please be mindful of other people’s feelings at all times. Think before you speak or act and only make the world a better place, otherwise… why are you living? Their is no negative vibrational energy in the Goddess way of life! Tune into your innate powers and shine!!

All my Love and Affection


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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