Positive Ways To Achieve Your Success!

Start your day by practicing the art of gratitude! Every step forward is a step towards achieving your ultimate goals. By writing a list of what you are grateful for, it will allow you to also manifest what you want for your future endeavors for success. Next, develop a genuine interest in the people around you. The ability to deal with people well is definitely an essential ingredient to becoming successful. How do you deal with people well, you might ask? Communication of-course! Motivate and influence those around you and this fundamental principle will be the uncanny reason you will be successful in life! Successful people are not just individuals, you see, they embrace working with others and are able to handle relationships well. You will need to work with people and for people to build these ultimate relationships that will bound you for success. You might say well I’m introverted , how do I go about this? By building your way to develop conversation starters. Maybe, delve into a book about how to start up conversations better with extroverts and or business savvy types! No matter how successful you might think you can become on your own, you will always need support from others! This is a key ingredient into becoming successful! The reason goes back to the 4 quadrants- which if you don’t know about I will give you some insight. There is a quadrant system based upon your personality type. The colors of the quadrant system are red, yellow, white and blue. By figuring out which quadrant you are, it will align you to find the people in the other quadrants that can help you attain the success you deserve! Read more about the quadrant system and it will explain in detail which quadrant you are and what quadrants you need help with. By aligning this, you will create a great successful business or whatever it is you are trying to attain. So how do you go about influencing other people? Well, the ability to influence people to want to work with you is probably one of the greatest assets you can attain. In the best selling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, he states, “the deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important.” These feelings of importance are what ultimately drives the behaviors of humans to be successful. The only way you can get anyone to do anything by their own free will, well, is to give them what they want. What people really want, is the ability to feel important. Also, the desire to feel appreciated. If you allow others to feel appreciated and important, it should be easy for you to be successful. It’s not like this is the art of persuasion, if your genuinely great at making people feel important and appreciated, you will be successful! This is human nature at its finest. It is generally a way to motivate you to understand what drives human behavior and to direct your actions accordingly. By understanding your motivations and then someone else’s , you can take value into someone else while also understanding their motives. Now, how do you become a great conversationalist ? Obviously, the art of communication is best at creating this. How do you create the art of communication? Quit talking about yourself and listen to what other people have to say, you might learn something very interesting. Ask people questions about themselves. Why? People, know themselves, their desires, their motivations and their passions, better then anyone else’s. By being an attentive listener, you will allow someone else to speak about what they have accomplished or want to accomplish. No one cares about your accomplishments unless asked. I mean, then you sound condescending and rude! Listen, be attentive and don’t cut people off while their speaking! Appreciate what they are saying and speaking and 9 times out of ten, you will see how much more someone appreciates your listening behaviors; instead of you speaking over someone or making them feel immaculate for talking about everything you know. The truest compliment you can pay to another is literally by being attentive to their concerns , desires or needs. Now, remember how thoughts become things? Well, to delve into this topic a little more, the art of mindful thinking is the doorway to success. Essentially we call this the Law of Attraction, the art of manifestation has immeasurable power. Adjust your perspective on the world around you, be optimistic and enthusiastic about what you want to attain and it will allow you to gain control of your desires. Cultivating everything you want, just by being in a positive mindset! Lastly, never settle for anything average. If you want it, you have dreamt it, you can achieve it! Never settle for average achievements, strive for greatness. You were born with special innate gifts that no one else has , cultivate these gifts by figuring out what you are great at and you will not fail! Speak with you soon.

All my love and affection ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles a Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess