Patience is a Virtue

If you feel like right now is a dormant period, that is okay. Growth might not seem visible to you just yet. Tend to what you want and desire with care and nurturance. Have faith; the growth is occurring. You will soon have everything you wanted reach it’s full capacity, right before your very eyes! Things are going to change before you know it. You will soon be able to reminisce on where you are now. Enjoy the phase you are in. Just as the moon is constantly in flux, so are the cycles of our lives. Nature has it own cycles of growth that can’t be rushed, and so do you. Be patient and marvelous things will happen to you and for you, in their own time. Don’t give up, remain hopeful and patient with everything you want out of life. Tend to the tasks you have been overlooking. Catch up on the little things you have been putting off. One grain of sand might not seem like much, but when it accumulates, you create a beach! The same goes for all of the things you have put on the back burner. Take the time today to sort things out and get organized. This is a time for introspection. Have calmness and emotional fortitude to take care of things as they arise so you remain present and in the moment. When you have a sense of clarity and alignment, new opportunities will come your way. Take some time to mediate, tune into what your body is telling you it needs. It’s okay to have a healthy moment of solitude so you can process what you have been dealing with lately. Lastly, do what you say you are going to do. Keep your promises to yourself and you will achieve greatness! Slowly but surely. When you build trust within yourself, you will enable the universe to ascend into a greater spiritual mission for yourself. Patience is key!

All my love and affection


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess