Why you need to meditate on a daily basis

Meditation can help you reduce stress and be more relaxed , which will therefore help you enjoy your life more. It will help you achieve mental clarity and better memory, therefore, recalling your past memories to get down to the root cause of what you are dealing with. It will increase your creativity and improve your problem solving abilities. It will bring your body into balance, aligning your 7 chakras. It will improve your overall health and also normalize your blood pressure. It will improve your overall physical appearance, your skin tone as well as being a muscle relaxation technique. Meditation will lastly build your self confidence , calm you down and therefore, you will gain control of your actions and motivations; controlling your brain flow and thinking process. Meditation allows you to become more in touch with who you really are as an individual. The busier and crazier your life is, the more vital it is for you to take the time to meditate. Meditation isn’t a belief system, it’s a mental practice of the mind. By just being in a relaxed state of mind, you allow for creative ideas and thoughts to flow freely to you and clear out any negativity that may be surrounding you or guiding you off your path. The main purpose of meditation is really to cut out the mental noise and inner dialogue that exists in your brain. This prevents you from getting to a deeper level of understanding yourself, the intelligence level that is deeply rooted inside of you, basically your intuition and subconscious thoughts. It is said that most people only use 10 percent of there brains capacity while the other 90 percent is not being used. By allowing yourself to meditate everyday for just 10-15 minutes you can start activating that 90 percent of your brain capacity that is not being used. If you don’t know how to meditate , pick a quiet place, preferably at home and lay down where no one can disturb you. Then, close your eyes and gently start to become aware of your environment. Then, bring your attention towards your body and start paying attention to what’s going on in your body right at this very moment. Then, bring your attention to your breathing by observing it. Lastly, don’t interfere with the rhythm of your breathing, just let it flow. There is no wrong way to meditate by just breathing and relaxing, listening to calming music, you have created an atmosphere for yourself to relax and enjoy all the possibilities meditation has in store for you.

Sending all my love and affection ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess