Timing and the Ancient Greek mythology behind it! Read on for some interesting information, to my goddesses of the new era 😇

Good morning beautiful goddesses! Today we will be discussing the art of Kairos. It is the moment of opportunity, the power of time expressed not in a literal sense, more in the time of sense awareness and purpose. That moment when all things seem truly possible! Kairos in Greek mythology is depicted as a man who is young and beautiful. He had a lock of hair on his forehead which signifies that opportunity can be grasped as it approaches. Therefore, every opportunity that was being given to him, he was able to take on without losing the opportunities at hand. He was the youngest son of Zeus and the god of opportunity! In the Bible Kairos is known as “the appointed time of gods purpose.” For us today, it is very important that we understand the importance of timing. We need to open our minds to learning these ancient techniques of attraction, visualization, concentration, creativity, observation and affirmation. This is called Kairosism.

The art of visualization- when you visualize something , it puts it into the art of motion, which makes the process begin to occur. Your mind will begin to become wired towards achieving that goal or purpose and this will therefore trigger the universe to attract it to you. Just by closing your eyes and imagining something, is visualization in and of itself. You need to visualize the expected outcome of the event. It could be an interview, a life changing event , a test your about to take. You need to see yourself achieving that goal , let the memory come alive, see all the dynamism in the colors , the smells, the movements , the emotions , the sounds and even the taste. Let it seem real. Basically, something you have already seen happening. Or something that has already happened, kind of like as if you were in a deja vu moment. When you visualize succeeding at something, you will most likely succeed! Here I will leave you with a quote that will take away the adversity you might be facing when doing this challenge. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” – Albert Einstein.

Next we will talk about the art of concentration- this is great at generating and attracting success , it allows you to become abundantly prepared for whatever is coming your way. It allows you to maintain focus on a particular state of awareness. It will allow you to focus on one particular idea or interest or even objective and release you from your other interests and involvements. This is a combination of desire and confidence , it requires you to focus on awareness and on the outcome of whatever it is your concentrating on. Shut out all distractions and noises, meditate for more focus and get in tune with what you want and desire most! Concentration can also be attained through physical exercises, attentive listening and overall mindfulness. Train your body , to train your mind and your physical health will be properly aligned to achieve a certain concentration, with no distractions.

The art of observation- this is one of the ancient techniques in kairosism. It can lead you to success if practiced accordingly. Observation brings you into the realm of another, meaning it allows you to observe others from the outside world and look into there Inner being. It can lead you to knowledge and opens up moments of opportunity. It may seem weird at first to go into the minds of others and know what they are thinking , feeling or even foreseeing their next actions. Control is key here! Observation is the ability to pay serious attention to ones self abilities. To learn new things , see new opportunities at hand and lastly attune yourself to getting the most benefits from that opportunity. You can only see these opportunities coming when you keenly observe and are fully aware of who you are and what you are seeking! It is the development of the art of observation. It can redirect you to growth, success and many other benefits! How to observe better in life, pay more attention, observe with more than your eyes- this means notice the smells, the sounds and the surroundings. It is a great idea to work with a professional on how to develop the ability to observe keenly. Immerse yourself into the experience of observation. You will then gain useful insights and knowledge; therefore taking on new experiences and challenges you never thought possible. Curiosity is a way to develop your ability to seek out new opportunities if you keep your mind open. This will help you develop, learn and grow immensely and it will in fact open up your intuitive abilities.

The art of affirmation- every thought and every word you express to yourself is an affirmation that is being sent out into the universe. Always make positive affirmations as when you say negative things, negative things will happen. Stay positive! This ancient art that has been taught through generations by the Greek masters, was all about the art of understanding positive power techniques to achieve the success they wanted to harness. Affirmations create confidence and attract goodness instilled within your mind. Consciously make decisions to speak positively about yourself and others. These thoughts and verbal actions will create the success you are destined for. Affirmations become what you want to attain in your life. It’s repeated mantras you will say over and over again to yourself, slowing allowing you to manifest what you want or wish for. Once you change your thinking process , you can change your life! Make a list of all positive affirmations in each aspect of your life. Categories such as family, health, success, love, mindfulness etc. If you write down everything positive and negative , you will then switch all of those negative thoughts into positive thoughts by writing down the negative affirmations into positive affirmations. For example, if you say ” I am self conscious” turn that into “ I am radiating with confidence.” Your thinking will begin to change once you grasp onto this and you will begin to see your life transform for the better! This is a very powerful art form to grasping what you want out of life! The universe will hear your calling. Everything will begin to manifest for you.

The art of attraction – this is also known as the law of attraction. Well, you should know “like attracts like” and if you agree or not , what you are in your body, spirit and mind and what you are thinking will most likely be attracted towards you! It is important when doing this to think positively and put only positive influences in your life. It is what you focus your mind on, it will begin to become your reality but you have to work at it! If you think for days about how to obtain success , you will most likely generate success for yourself. Always stay positive because when negative thoughts creep into your subconscious it will ruin the whole manifestation process. Today, start to live optimistically, looking for the good in every situation you encounter! This is how you are going to control your future!! Start to become more positive in your thinking habits and discover what experiences you should keep in your mind frame and ones you should keep away from. Distancing the negatives, will keep you in a positive mind frame. You will become more attuned with your present behaviors and attributes and this will better allow your projection for a positive future ahead of you!

Start today and you will be able to manifest all you have ever desired or wanted out of life!!

Sending love and light ❤️

Laura Zukerman

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