Do you know about the archangels? If you don’t read on!

Archangels are said to be extraordinary beings , they are actually considered to be an extension of god himself. They are all healers. The name or title “archangel” was given to those who became masters of their world. They say, many of those who are now archangels, had to embody in human form, experiencing the same type of existence and tests upon God. However, some did remain in the realm of heavenly figures and never embodied the physical form of a human being. Who are the seven most important archangels to know and study? The first is archangel Michael- he is the archangel or protection and faith. Archangel Jophiel and Christine- they are the female archangel of the second ray of wisdom and illumination. They are twin flames, that amplify Christ consciousness within angels, elementals and men. The third is archangel Chamuel- archangel chamuel and his divine spirit, serve as the third ray of divine love. He has a divine compliment , Archeia Charity and together they work to expand the flame of adoration and divine love within the hearts of men and elementals. The fourth- archangel Gabriel and Hope – they are the fourth ray of purity and ascension flame. These angels guard the immaculate concept of the god design for everyone. They reinforce the flame of hope around the world. The fifth – archangel Raphael and mother Mary – archangel Raphael is the fifth ray of truth, healing , science , wholeness, the abundance of life , music and mathematics. His complement of the divine is mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. Who has appeared to many around the world. The sixth – archangel Uriel and aurora – they are the sixth ray of ministration , service and peace. It is said that they work closely with Jesus Christ himself to bring the flame of peace. The seventh – archangel zadkiel and the holy amethyst- they are the archangels of the violet ray. Together, they reinforce the qualities of gods freedom, transmutation, alchemy, justice and forgiveness. Lastly, mother Mary as we have already stated – she is the archeia of healing, integrity, truth, science and abundance. Mother Mary is said to be one of the greatest teachers of mankind. She instructs in the science of the immaculate concept and how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Now that you know about the archangels, it’s time to figure out the archangel that is most compatible with you, who watches over you and helps you fulfill your life path or destiny.

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