Happiness is a decision, you decide if you want to be happy, no one can make that decision for you.

Happiness, it is a preconceived feeling we get from doing the things we love. Ways to acquire more happiness into our lives is by being grateful for what we do have, rather then monetizing on what we do not. If you allow yourself to feel happiness in each and every waking moment, you will being to see it grow into tremendous proportions throughout your lifetime. It is a state of being, a state of awareness, allowing yourself to feel this feeling would create a reclusive state of contentment. This goes for saying, don’t be dissatisfied with what you don’t have; instead think about all of the beautiful things you do have, memories you have made, relationships that have grown into long lasting friendships etc.. family, teachers, children, whatever it might be that lights up a smile on your face when you walk into a room, think about that experience and allow it to seep into your mind constantly when you feel a certain sense of struggle throughout your day. What enables someone to maintain this state of being? Well, it really comes from within your own sense of emotional well being. If you need to work on yourself to feel happiness, by all means do so. If you feel like taking up a course in something to learn more about the world and think gaining more knowledge will create happiness for you, do it. If you feel like traveling will give you a sense of endearment, do it. If your in a broken relationship, get out. Be happy, you have one life to live. Live it in a balanced and healthy manner and you will allow a flow of cheerful abundance to flow through you, with every waking molecule in your inner being. You will electrically recharge your brain to awaken into a totally new state of awareness, which will enable happiness to create and ignite the life you have always wanted. It is all about perception of being, you think it, you can create it. You want it, then you’ll have it. It’s a misconstrued world we live in, people pessimistically wanting what they cant obtain. If only they would be aware of what they already have, everyone would live a much happier life. People would be nicer to each other, competition wouldn’t be at the forefront of the world. Not everyone has the same dreams and manifestations! Stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and start thinking about yourself and what makes you your unique self. Your an entity of beautiful light that radiates greatness, so go be a goddess of light and create that happiness that you are yearning for.

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess