Starbucks for early morning Monday’s oh and btw metro north trains I dislike you and how crowded you are

Have you ever noticed in the morning how everyone is rushing to the train, to get to work? When in reality most people are working jobs they dislike and can’t control the outcome. What if there was an easier way to do things ? So life wasn’t so stressful and annoying. Well, start off with a goal- write down everything you want to achieve from that goal. Then ruminate on how your going to obtain that goal. Then finally, put that God Given Goal into ACTION! And why? Not enough people are using there left sides of their Brains to obtain creativity in this world and it’s about damn time some people begin too. So step up to the plate batter batter, it’s your turn to do something different other then what is comfortable or normal for you. I mean don’t people get bored of the same thing every single day? It’s like you go to work, you come home; you do it all over again. Do something fun with your life, take a chance because you never know where it will take you. Lastly, don’t be stopped by fear or self doubt, just go after what you want to attain and it will attract to you like glue. Whatever your great at will just come easy to you, it’s that simple. It’s called the secret from 2006 or some might now call it the law of attraction. Whatever you want to name the manifestations in the universe , to become obtainable you need to make a change. Change up your routine , change your actions , change your thoughts , change your will power , motivate yourself and do it! There aren’t many people in the world who get noticed for doing what they love and if you have the desire , the motivation and the obtainable process to know what it is you want, bring it on.


Laura Zukerman