Peace comes with Balance

Bring balance into your life , cultivate harmony. Be more selective in what obligations you want to fulfill and focus on those rather then doing a million things at once! Take time to de-stress and do some meditation each morning upon rising for about 15-20 minutes! Schedule a time during your day today to do what calms you down. Take a walk, take a nap, turn off your cell phone and email. Disconnecting from technology for awhile will keep you calm and serene. You will be in a tranquil state that you haven’t felt in awhile. Get reconnected with nature, and don’t feel guilty for making time for YOU! you will be amazed at how much more you accomplish when you allow yourself some downtime. Also recycle or donate things today you no longer need, it’s good to give back and pay it forward. Therefore , with Balance comes peace.


Laura Zukerman