Historically speaking how did our ancestors survive in ancient civilizations ? Well instinct of course 💫

Instinct is the drive that motivates you to do something , empowers you to be or do better. What really motivates and ignites you though? Your intuition! It’s all about your sixth sense or some would call it your third eye. Your intuition is the little voice that is clouded by all of your conscious thoughts; yes an average human being has 60,000 thoughts racing through there heads per day. If you take away all of those conscious beliefs that you were engrained with as a child, you might be able to tap into your hidden magical power buried deep down inside of you. That my friend, would be your intuition. It will never steer you wrong, it is your manifestation magnet! Made only for you! They way to obtain it and tap into its frequencies are by doing meditation, journaling, sleeping and doing awakened meditation. How do you go about all of these you might ask? Well… meditation you lay down and you get into a sleep like state , imagining yourself with a barrier or light around you, maybe your by the ocean, always remember to think positive thoughts while doing this! Then, breathe in and out deeply , acquiring a trancelike state. When you keep practicing this , it will allow you to feel and sense your intuition and how it will guide you better. While your sleeping, dreams are usually great ways to open up your sixth sense or intuition by allowing your dreams to manifest what your waking state may want to be telling you. Journaling, the third way to open up your intuition is by writing down thoughts and affirmations you want to obtain! This will work when you look back and see how far you have grown and how much you have accomplished. Lastly, awakened meditation is similar to regular meditation ; however , it’s more like day dreaming of wanting to acquire whatever you want in reality, in your mind and dreams… you think about it, about the outcome, what it is you want to have for the future you and you might soon see the results transpire! Remember though, patience , persistence and action! Lastly, remember when you obtain what you have always wanted help others! Love generously and be a wonderful person! The future is bright so seek it out and find what your inner guide is telling you to do! You and only you can change your current situation! #GoddessofIntuitivethinking #itworks


Laura Zukerman

Love yourself and take care of your mind and your health!