Actions speak louder then words #GodYourGoodathis

It is not always easy to match your actions to your words, as humans it can sometimes be challenging; you might feel scared or angry about something and want to change your mind about doing something! However , always keep your word!! What begins in you heart and is uttered upon your lips needs to be channeled into whatever action you said you we’re going to perform! Remember positive affirmations are amazing for your daily life! Continue to look deep within yourself for your purpose , the reason you are here on this earth is for a life purpose that has to be fulfilled, so get to it! Bring forth these unique gifts that you were blessed with. You may come by some challenges; forget about the fear and know that you are powerful and courageous for taking the chance to do what you love doing! You are strong and you are protected by the beautiful universal energies or beings of light. 🙏

Love thy goddess who loves you. ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

Of – TheGoddessBibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

My Goddess #GetYourGoddesson

Oh Goddess , You God it Going On