Historically speaking how did our ancestors survive in ancient civilizations ? Well instinct of course 💫

Instinct is the drive that motivates you to do something , empowers you to be or do better. What really motivates and ignites you though? Your intuition! It’s all about your sixth sense or some would call it your third eye. Your intuition is the little voice that is clouded by all of your conscious thoughts; yes an average human being has 60,000 thoughts racing through there heads per day. If you take away all of those conscious beliefs that you were engrained with as a child, you might be able to tap into your hidden magical power buried deep down inside of you. That my friend, would be your intuition. It will never steer you wrong, it is your manifestation magnet! Made only for you! They way to obtain it and tap into its frequencies are by doing meditation, journaling, sleeping and doing awakened meditation. How do you go about all of these you might ask? Well… meditation you lay down and you get into a sleep like state , imagining yourself with a barrier or light around you, maybe your by the ocean, always remember to think positive thoughts while doing this! Then, breathe in and out deeply , acquiring a trancelike state. When you keep practicing this , it will allow you to feel and sense your intuition and how it will guide you better. While your sleeping, dreams are usually great ways to open up your sixth sense or intuition by allowing your dreams to manifest what your waking state may want to be telling you. Journaling, the third way to open up your intuition is by writing down thoughts and affirmations you want to obtain! This will work when you look back and see how far you have grown and how much you have accomplished. Lastly, awakened meditation is similar to regular meditation ; however , it’s more like day dreaming of wanting to acquire whatever you want in reality, in your mind and dreams… you think about it, about the outcome, what it is you want to have for the future you and you might soon see the results transpire! Remember though, patience , persistence and action! Lastly, remember when you obtain what you have always wanted help others! Love generously and be a wonderful person! The future is bright so seek it out and find what your inner guide is telling you to do! You and only you can change your current situation! #GoddessofIntuitivethinking #itworks


Laura Zukerman

Love yourself and take care of your mind and your health!

Starbucks for early morning Monday’s oh and btw metro north trains I dislike you and how crowded you are

Have you ever noticed in the morning how everyone is rushing to the train, to get to work? When in reality most people are working jobs they dislike and can’t control the outcome. What if there was an easier way to do things ? So life wasn’t so stressful and annoying. Well, start off with a goal- write down everything you want to achieve from that goal. Then ruminate on how your going to obtain that goal. Then finally, put that God Given Goal into ACTION! And why? Not enough people are using there left sides of their Brains to obtain creativity in this world and it’s about damn time some people begin too. So step up to the plate batter batter, it’s your turn to do something different other then what is comfortable or normal for you. I mean don’t people get bored of the same thing every single day? It’s like you go to work, you come home; you do it all over again. Do something fun with your life, take a chance because you never know where it will take you. Lastly, don’t be stopped by fear or self doubt, just go after what you want to attain and it will attract to you like glue. Whatever your great at will just come easy to you, it’s that simple. It’s called the secret from 2006 or some might now call it the law of attraction. Whatever you want to name the manifestations in the universe , to become obtainable you need to make a change. Change up your routine , change your actions , change your thoughts , change your will power , motivate yourself and do it! There aren’t many people in the world who get noticed for doing what they love and if you have the desire , the motivation and the obtainable process to know what it is you want, bring it on.


Laura Zukerman

Keep the Faith My Goddesses

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Maintain trust that the universe is working in an ordered and not a chaotic fashion. Growth and change are part of life, reality will morph itself and shift. You might not understand how life works, who does? You just have to trust that things are moving along as they should; even though you might not understand the “whys.” If you focus on the “whys” you will find yourself constantly frustrated, maybe even angry and slighted. This is definitely not a place of power. With Faith comes power, trust in yourself. Trust that faith will allow you to be protected and supported in times of need, even when you might not feel like your being helped, you are. Look for signs. Faith can move mountains. If you are lacking faith, believe that god will hear your calling and come help you in dire times of need. He will support you every step of the way. If you see a rainbow after the rain just remember to make a wish on it; someone is watching over you up above 🙏❤️😘

Align your chakras! Synchronicity is key to feeling incredible in all ways of your life! -it all starts from within the body and the mind!

with all my love and affection,

Laura Zukerman

Peace comes with Balance

Bring balance into your life , cultivate harmony. Be more selective in what obligations you want to fulfill and focus on those rather then doing a million things at once! Take time to de-stress and do some meditation each morning upon rising for about 15-20 minutes! Schedule a time during your day today to do what calms you down. Take a walk, take a nap, turn off your cell phone and email. Disconnecting from technology for awhile will keep you calm and serene. You will be in a tranquil state that you haven’t felt in awhile. Get reconnected with nature, and don’t feel guilty for making time for YOU! you will be amazed at how much more you accomplish when you allow yourself some downtime. Also recycle or donate things today you no longer need, it’s good to give back and pay it forward. Therefore , with Balance comes peace.


Laura Zukerman

Accentuate the Positives

Focus on your strengths, not your shortcomings. What you focus on will begin to grow and manifest more in depth for yourself so keep focusing on what you love to do. Get creative! Goddesses , it’s time to show the world that women run this world. 🌎 change your conditions and it will change your life. You will promote growth and healthy living, which in turn helps sustain mental brain function to grow enormously and exponentially. Cherish your gifts and your imperfections, they are what make and create the unique person that you are! Just know, if people judge you for who you are, should you really care? The answer is no. Love yourself and others will love the REAL you as well. Transformation takes patience and time; soon you will become who you were meant to be!

Goddess of love, light , healing and universal truths 🙏❤️💫

Laura Zukerman

Actions speak louder then words #GodYourGoodathis

It is not always easy to match your actions to your words, as humans it can sometimes be challenging; you might feel scared or angry about something and want to change your mind about doing something! However , always keep your word!! What begins in you heart and is uttered upon your lips needs to be channeled into whatever action you said you we’re going to perform! Remember positive affirmations are amazing for your daily life! Continue to look deep within yourself for your purpose , the reason you are here on this earth is for a life purpose that has to be fulfilled, so get to it! Bring forth these unique gifts that you were blessed with. You may come by some challenges; forget about the fear and know that you are powerful and courageous for taking the chance to do what you love doing! You are strong and you are protected by the beautiful universal energies or beings of light. 🙏

Love thy goddess who loves you. ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

Of – TheGoddessBibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

My Goddess #GetYourGoddesson

Oh Goddess , You God it Going On