Goddesses can you say that you are achieving the goals you desire in your life? Contemplate that and read this

Maybe you don’t have the relationships you desire , maybe you don’t make the amount of money you feel you deserve ? Maybe you are in a rut and need to get out of it. I can help you, listen to what I have to say. Once the cloud lifts , the universe will provide the keys to you to experience all the happiness you could ever want in life. The one word that is really the ultimate answer to all of these problems is AWARENESS! By gaining awareness , it is the starting point to achieving anything you desire in life. As Carl Jung once said “ until you make the unconscious conscious , it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Having awareness is the key to achieving whatever you want in life. This is because awareness is the fire in which all parts of your mind working against you will forever perish. Once you become aware of what is stopping you to achieve your goals it stops wielding power over you. Having awareness, will enable you to make powerful conscious choices about your life that will bring you closer to what truly makes you happy. This is because awareness creates and directs everything! You need to harness metaphysics , quantum physics , psychology and philosophy to harness your dreams and once you begin processing these methods in your everyday dreams you will be able to manifest what your heart desires. Integrate these approaches and I promise you will manifest what you want out of life! Much love to my goddess beings!!


Laura Zukerman

Founder and Owner BecomingYourInnerGoddess

It’s Sunday Goddesses , let’s dress casual but chic

When your dressing for a Sunday and going to brunch in Europe or Manhattan, it’s always nice to dress casual but chic. Over the weekend it’s better to get your glam on and then Sunday are for chill vibes. Now there’s something I want to discuss with all of you and that would be to stop worrying what others think about you and keep doing you!! You are you, you are strong , beautiful and courageous and you deserve to become whatever it is you desire!! So keep striving to do your best , be your best and create your best! #Becomethegoddessyouweremeanttobe #ohmgoddess #cc

❤️🙏 Love,

Laura Zukerman