What to do when another has passed on and you are left heart broken

At the age of 18 I lost my first love , it was the hardest thing I had to deal with at such a young age. However, it made me into such a stronger person living for his legacy and then realizing how I could help others overcome trauma and devastation. Losing your first love or anyone you love is so difficult but in reality everyone dies. They say the good die young, and maybe they are right … those supreme beings up there. Sometimes people just give up on life and it’s terribly sad to give up on such a beautiful experience, the joy of living each day to the fullest. When you get to that place though, there is no coming back. It’s so hard, it’s traumatizing , it’s horrific to deal with the parting of a loved one… but just know they are always watching over you. They are your angels 😇 they consistently will watch over you and guide you. You will see signs and get visions of them in your dreams knowing they are okay. They aren’t gone , their spirit stays alive and they are just in a different astral plane! Please if your feeling suicidal or dealing with problems reach out to someone who can help you! To the ones I have loved and lost , this is for you ❤️🙏 you have touched my heart in ways you don’t even know your aware of. I love you all and may you rest in paradise.