When you do what you love, you will find no need to do anything else in the world.

People from all walks of life have a unique purpose on this earth. When your living your life’s purpose on this earth, everything will begin to feel amazing and just fall into place for you. Your doing what you love, you move towards that love and you are feeling better and better all of the time. You begin doing things with spirit and joy in your heart. You realize that emotional issues start to disappear and you have a weight lifted off your shoulders. You are left with a smile. PASSION is the driving force to figuring out what your life purpose is! When you have an amazing drive to do something, it usually means that is what you were here to do.

Your problems have less weight to carry on your shoulders…

You are able to handle challenges creatively…

You have less resistance towards life…

And you are in alignment with your desires

4 FUNDAMENTAL IDEALS for finding your life’s purpose!

So Goddesses, I leave you with this today, think, think hard about what you love & start taking action into the right mind sight to get it done! I believe in you.

Laura Zukerman

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