Change is the only Constant in Life, And Look How Far You have Come!

Wo-ah their girlfriend #justplaying your a goddess, so #Goditson, Lets talk human existence and change … Its crazy how much has changed. I can gladly say that I am utterly perplexed, but feeling nestled. And it goes a little something like this… So everyone has there own path in life. You never know where the universe is going to take you next. What you do know is that the consistency for a changing environment, natural habitat , relationships with significant others , hobbies, work and friend groups is everlastingly inevitable to the fallacy of change. Death is inevitable, we all die. Don’t you want to wake up every morning that you have left on this earth and be happy? Don’t waste your time and your energy on the past, you only need to focus on the present and the future! That is the ultimate secret to obtaining what you want out of life. Dwelling on what you could have done to change something will emotionally drain you tremendously and may even begin to devastate you. This could take away your sense of power, self esteem, confidence… everything that you have worked towards to better yourself, could be completely shattered from bringing up the past, especially if it was a devastatingly sad topic of discussion. I will explain why now. You are born into this world to emotionally deal with life’s dilemmas and monstrosities to make you a much stronger person. When you go back in time and think about all of those hard times, it puts a weird balance in your aura and subconscious. Just, think for NOW. This present moment and how you are going to shape your future. When your young, you naturally got accustomed to what you learned from your parents, your teachers and your friends ect… life goes on and on until one day you have an Aha moment. You realize everything you learned is completely false or to some extent at least; and you need to take on life experiences for yourself to really get to the core of the REAL you, the inner you. That being of light that radiates inside you, wanting to come out but isnt quite ready until that moment comes and you realize, well this is why I had to go through what I went through to get to this place. Or, this is why I studied and loved certain things growing up. We are all unique, its way cooler to be yourself then to be somebody your not. Who would want to meet a double of anyone? That would be down right boring and totally dull. So anyways, BE YOUR TRUE SELF and learn what really motivates you to wake up in the morning and feel like your on top of the world. Why should you feel any other way?

Laura Zukerman

Out with the Old In with the New ❤️

That is completely correct, you dispose of what does not serve you on your journey any longer and you keep moving forward. Maybe you would procrastinate a lot more when you were evolving, maybe even self sabotaging. Or maybe you were just fearful of the unknown. Whatever it might be, God All Mighty, pick yourself up, grab a kleenex and get on with your life. You have so many amazing experiences to accomplish, so many beautiful things to see, so many incredible things to do and people to meet. What are you waiting for? Start Acting Today, not tomorrow, TODAY.

When you do what you love, you will find no need to do anything else in the world.

People from all walks of life have a unique purpose on this earth. When your living your life’s purpose on this earth, everything will begin to feel amazing and just fall into place for you. Your doing what you love, you move towards that love and you are feeling better and better all of the time. You begin doing things with spirit and joy in your heart. You realize that emotional issues start to disappear and you have a weight lifted off your shoulders. You are left with a smile. PASSION is the driving force to figuring out what your life purpose is! When you have an amazing drive to do something, it usually means that is what you were here to do.

Your problems have less weight to carry on your shoulders…

You are able to handle challenges creatively…

You have less resistance towards life…

And you are in alignment with your desires

4 FUNDAMENTAL IDEALS for finding your life’s purpose!

So Goddesses, I leave you with this today, think, think hard about what you love & start taking action into the right mind sight to get it done! I believe in you.

Laura Zukerman