What is it that you do to attain happiness?

Well goddesses of the world, I will let you in on a little secret. As the law of attraction clearly states “ if you strongly believe something should happen , it will certainly happen.” We must know exactly what we want out of life, we must begin a thought process for it ; then begin asking the universe for this to manifest over and over again until it does, then we must visualize a situation where we already have what we are yearning for.. and we must live in that reality. Lastly, we can’t say what might happen because well the universe puts it all into perspective and even if you wanted a million dollars , maybe the universe decided to give you a 150 thousand dollar raise from 75k. Don’t be greedy !! Remember ladies and gents , thoughts create things !! So change your thought pattern and actions and you will manifest what you desire! XO 


Laura Zukerman ❤️