In every Goddess we see Genius.

” Diamonds get the label of diamond because of its everlasting ability and its dominance over every other gemstone in the world. It’s no fluke that a diamond is called a diamond.
It doesn’t matter that a diamond is made up of pure carbon (element C). Diamond stands for much more than just a rock from the earth’s mantle. It stands for the endurance of time, the ultimate beauty of nature and the everlasting love and devotion and happiness it brings.
Diamond’s mystic charm and supernatural powers have driven man for thousands of years to wear it for protection, purification and intrigue. “

“Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein

I would like to elaborate on this understated topic for a moment. To create genius, one must have the mind that elaborately races rapid thoughts all day long. With new ideas, new inventions. The creativity must be endless with an unbound supply of opportunity for these creative endeavors. I had just watched a podcast on Karl Lagerfeld who stated- from a quote said back in 1860- ” What is going on in the world , but today who can believe in god , there is no answer. Absorb but who did the good things , The Genius.” What I take from this, is that to be a genius or a prodigy, one must acquire a certain amount of experience and knowledge that takes everything to a philosophical level. The reason, many people in the world are so pessimistic, the world is terrible these days and even with all of this knowledge, would you say some people turn there backs on it and only pretend to be naive? I would… because they don’t want to deal with struggle, hardship and temperament. For those that don’t believe in a god to your own understanding- is that god or your higher power, may have stated that the world was going to end in 2012 on the mayan calendar. However, this did not happen, the world is beginning again. After so much disaster and devastation to so many countries and cities in the US, how are we supposed to sit back and watch all of this happen. Well, don’t become involved in your charitable causes. Anyway getting back to my philosophical theory is that if you are not obtaining enough knowledge to intuitively feel or think something is going to happen to you before death, then you weren’t meant to die. Usually before someone dies, they are fully aware that it is coming, they get some sort of sensation that comes over them. Just like when you reach enlightenment, nothing scares you anymore because you are fully aware of how to handle each and every situation as it comes. As for natural disaster, I do believe god to my understanding preconceived these notions, the mayans picked up on it but not in the right way. What god to my understanding was/is really trying to do, is bring the world together, to create more love for each other. To not let your life pass you by, it could be shorter then you believe it to be. We are never guaranteed a tomorrow. If you were fully aware of your death happening tomorrow- Would you go out and live every last dream of yours today? You wouldn’t because you possibly wouldn’t be able to do it all in a 24 hour span. However, if you live your dreams day after day, you would be satisfied by the time you died because you would have known you changed human kind in some aspect or another. Lived out exactly what and when you wanted, and never regretted a single second of life because those hard times shaped who you are today! How will you make your lasting impressions on earth? Goddesses in training, think long and hard and just set out for a journey you wont regret. I will end with a quote from Oprah Winfrey who says “When there is no struggle, There is no Strength.” And Bruce Almighty hardships have definitely shaped me to become fearless. #OprahWinfreyForPresident2020

“Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.”- Albert Einstein Click to tweet