Goddess, Read and Never Stop Reading.

“You, more than anybody else, deserve your own love and affection.”- Buddha Goddesses, I would like to make it so adamant that reading is so essential to the world we live in. Reading about any topic that interests you for 20-30 minutes a day is a start, then make it routine. Keep going from there, never stop learning about the world. It is also time to quiet your mind and reflect. By serving yourself and making you more knowledgable about the world around and the different things in life that can benefit you in the long run, you can help others, maybe even the world one day.

If you really want to be a Goddess, you serve your country, your family, those you love, your community and others. Goddesses are woman of infinite passion and they know there is nothing more satisfying than the incredible reward that happens when you give to others and the love you can give out to others as well, who need a Goddesses help. Sometimes Goddesses even the smallest gesture could mean a great deal to someone else! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!! 🙂 Until Next Time, Keep it classy.