Goddess, everyday surround yourself with Beauty, you will find it everywhere

As your journey continues, Goddess, you will begin igniting your dreams and your passions, you will naturally want to fill your environment with serenity, beauty, sweetness and bling! #Addon #Heyifitmakesyoufeelgoodwearit

Learn to put your footprint on what is surrounding you, It will help to define who you are becoming. Your environment is very the make of for your mentality to work in the Goddess lifestyle. Feng Shui- Your home, your bedroom, your office. All places where you reside most of the time! Put little things in these places that make you happy and bring you joy. With a touch of some beautiful colors and soft hues, pictures that you love- get them framed, vintage everything and anything is right up my ally. Antiques- YES PLEASE. & Of course we cant forget the infamous Art paintings. Look around to get inspiration all over the internet.

By creating an environment with things that you love it will inspire you. You do not need the most expensive things to be happy Goddess, especially to have a blissful environment. My bliss would be to live on the beach everyday, taking in that amazing ocean water and laying in the sun. That would be my bliss. What is yours? Maybe make a vision board of what you want out of life, You know what they say… Law of Attraction can bring it to you, if you believe.

Recite Affirmations everyday to motivate and enhance your Goddess self.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess