Goddess, Read and Never Stop Reading.

“You, more than anybody else, deserve your own love and affection.”- Buddha Goddesses, I would like to make it so adamant that reading is so essential to the world we live in. Reading about any topic that interests you for 20-30 minutes a day is a start, then make it routine. Keep going from there, never stop learning about the world. It is also time to quiet your mind and reflect. By serving yourself and making you more knowledgable about the world around and the different things in life that can benefit you in the long run, you can help others, maybe even the world one day.

If you really want to be a Goddess, you serve your country, your family, those you love, your community and others. Goddesses are woman of infinite passion and they know there is nothing more satisfying than the incredible reward that happens when you give to others and the love you can give out to others as well, who need a Goddesses help. Sometimes Goddesses even the smallest gesture could mean a great deal to someone else! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!! 🙂 Until Next Time, Keep it classy.

Goddess, everyday surround yourself with Beauty, you will find it everywhere

As your journey continues, Goddess, you will begin igniting your dreams and your passions, you will naturally want to fill your environment with serenity, beauty, sweetness and bling! #Addon #Heyifitmakesyoufeelgoodwearit

Learn to put your footprint on what is surrounding you, It will help to define who you are becoming. Your environment is very the make of for your mentality to work in the Goddess lifestyle. Feng Shui- Your home, your bedroom, your office. All places where you reside most of the time! Put little things in these places that make you happy and bring you joy. With a touch of some beautiful colors and soft hues, pictures that you love- get them framed, vintage everything and anything is right up my ally. Antiques- YES PLEASE. & Of course we cant forget the infamous Art paintings. Look around to get inspiration all over the internet.

By creating an environment with things that you love it will inspire you. You do not need the most expensive things to be happy Goddess, especially to have a blissful environment. My bliss would be to live on the beach everyday, taking in that amazing ocean water and laying in the sun. That would be my bliss. What is yours? Maybe make a vision board of what you want out of life, You know what they say… Law of Attraction can bring it to you, if you believe.

Recite Affirmations everyday to motivate and enhance your Goddess self.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess Radiate Your Beauty from the inside out, imagine if you were in Vogue, everyday? What would you do.

Well first I would Spiritually say, when you release all negative thoughts as often as possible, you will begin to feel a weight lifted off of you. You will feel pampered from the inside out. Just by being more spiritual, you can see how different you will feel and EGO has no way in the Goddess mentality. No matter how much materialistic stuff you might have, it is never going to fulfill you, not even the most money in the world could satisfy you, it must come from within yourself. Remember you are not perfect, no one is, we can strive for perfection, we will never get there. Therefore, we are a work in progress. In harmony with our minds, bodies and spirit. We are always stimulating our minds and want to keep learning and rejuvenating the mind. Be creative, you never know what you might cultivate! With style and grace, you are slowly becoming a goddess of love my friend, keep reading to obtain full goddess momentum.

The Beautiful Goddess all Dressed in White

The Goddess inside of us is always looking to expand their knowledge of the world around them and grow. By gaining immediate confidence oh will you have a whirlwind of walking around all day telling yourself that your hot. Good, do it, you deserve too. More women need to be boss bitches, we cant go extinct or who will reign supreme when we die? Hah, jokes. The Goddess in you that trips 10 times to make it, this goddess is so strong that she doesn’t need anyone ambushing her. She gets right back up, on her two feet, stops blaming others for her problems and takes full and utter responsibility for that. Goddesses are not just physically or mentally fit but spiritually as well. Along these spiritual guidelines, if you study it long enough, this is the most interesting philosophy I could read hours on end. I have to say I am very blessed today, I have a fabulous career, a great group of friends, amazing clothing but materialism shouldn’t mean everything #amIrighthahayesITSaccurate. We need to stand up for our generations to come and change this world that we live in. That is why in April or May I want the UN and all of the ambassadors to get involved in my project for restoration and devastation from all of their countries that are deteriorating. What about “America Wake up” Lets figure out a way to help all of the people affected by Natural Disaster in 2018. I mean they list goes on, honestly. #getwithit. Got to go, modeling duties call! XO kisses talk when I am back.