Why you need to meditate on a daily basis

Meditation can help you reduce stress and be more relaxed , which will therefore help you enjoy your life more. It will help you achieve mental clarity and better memory, therefore, recalling your past memories to get down to the root cause of what you are dealing with. It will increase your creativity and improve your problem solving abilities. It will bring your body into balance, aligning your 7 chakras. It will improve your overall health and also normalize your blood pressure. It will improve your overall physical appearance, your skin tone as well as being a muscle relaxation technique. Meditation will lastly build your self confidence , calm you down and therefore, you will gain control of your actions and motivations; controlling your brain flow and thinking process. Meditation allows you to become more in touch with who you really are as an individual. The busier and crazier your life is, the more vital it is for you to take the time to meditate. Meditation isn’t a belief system, it’s a mental practice of the mind. By just being in a relaxed state of mind, you allow for creative ideas and thoughts to flow freely to you and clear out any negativity that may be surrounding you or guiding you off your path. The main purpose of meditation is really to cut out the mental noise and inner dialogue that exists in your brain. This prevents you from getting to a deeper level of understanding yourself, the intelligence level that is deeply rooted inside of you, basically your intuition and subconscious thoughts. It is said that most people only use 10 percent of there brains capacity while the other 90 percent is not being used. By allowing yourself to meditate everyday for just 10-15 minutes you can start activating that 90 percent of your brain capacity that is not being used. If you don’t know how to meditate , pick a quiet place, preferably at home and lay down where no one can disturb you. Then, close your eyes and gently start to become aware of your environment. Then, bring your attention towards your body and start paying attention to what’s going on in your body right at this very moment. Then, bring your attention to your breathing by observing it. Lastly, don’t interfere with the rhythm of your breathing, just let it flow. There is no wrong way to meditate by just breathing and relaxing, listening to calming music, you have created an atmosphere for yourself to relax and enjoy all the possibilities meditation has in store for you.

Sending all my love and affection ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess


Goddesses are always peacemakers

when your a goddess, you radiate love and light to the world. You are a light- bearer radiating positive energy into the world, like I have already stated. You are kind, you are supportive and you love unconditionally. When we talk about loving unconditionally, you won’t let negative energies harm you or interfere with what you are doing. You will not do anything harmful to anyone or anything. Neither wishing harm on another or allowing another to feel negative vibrations because of you. If you need to work on this, it’s time to forgive anyone who has hurt you in your past and move forward. Let that go, it will only hurt you in your future successes. So are you pledging to radiate love and light to the world? To never commit or influence harm on anyone or anything? well if yes, you are a goddess!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Timing and the Ancient Greek mythology behind it! Read on for some interesting information, to my goddesses of the new era 😇

Good morning beautiful goddesses! Today we will be discussing the art of Kairos. It is the moment of opportunity, the power of time expressed not in a literal sense, more in the time of sense awareness and purpose. That moment when all things seem truly possible! Kairos in Greek mythology is depicted as a man who is young and beautiful. He had a lock of hair on his forehead which signifies that opportunity can be grasped as it approaches. Therefore, every opportunity that was being given to him, he was able to take on without losing the opportunities at hand. He was the youngest son of Zeus and the god of opportunity! In the Bible Kairos is known as “the appointed time of gods purpose.” For us today, it is very important that we understand the importance of timing. We need to open our minds to learning these ancient techniques of attraction, visualization, concentration, creativity, observation and affirmation. This is called Kairosism.

The art of visualization- when you visualize something , it puts it into the art of motion, which makes the process begin to occur. Your mind will begin to become wired towards achieving that goal or purpose and this will therefore trigger the universe to attract it to you. Just by closing your eyes and imagining something, is visualization in and of itself. You need to visualize the expected outcome of the event. It could be an interview, a life changing event , a test your about to take. You need to see yourself achieving that goal , let the memory come alive, see all the dynamism in the colors , the smells, the movements , the emotions , the sounds and even the taste. Let it seem real. Basically, something you have already seen happening. Or something that has already happened, kind of like as if you were in a deja vu moment. When you visualize succeeding at something, you will most likely succeed! Here I will leave you with a quote that will take away the adversity you might be facing when doing this challenge. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” – Albert Einstein.

Next we will talk about the art of concentration- this is great at generating and attracting success , it allows you to become abundantly prepared for whatever is coming your way. It allows you to maintain focus on a particular state of awareness. It will allow you to focus on one particular idea or interest or even objective and release you from your other interests and involvements. This is a combination of desire and confidence , it requires you to focus on awareness and on the outcome of whatever it is your concentrating on. Shut out all distractions and noises, meditate for more focus and get in tune with what you want and desire most! Concentration can also be attained through physical exercises, attentive listening and overall mindfulness. Train your body , to train your mind and your physical health will be properly aligned to achieve a certain concentration, with no distractions.

The art of observation- this is one of the ancient techniques in kairosism. It can lead you to success if practiced accordingly. Observation brings you into the realm of another, meaning it allows you to observe others from the outside world and look into there Inner being. It can lead you to knowledge and opens up moments of opportunity. It may seem weird at first to go into the minds of others and know what they are thinking , feeling or even foreseeing their next actions. Control is key here! Observation is the ability to pay serious attention to ones self abilities. To learn new things , see new opportunities at hand and lastly attune yourself to getting the most benefits from that opportunity. You can only see these opportunities coming when you keenly observe and are fully aware of who you are and what you are seeking! It is the development of the art of observation. It can redirect you to growth, success and many other benefits! How to observe better in life, pay more attention, observe with more than your eyes- this means notice the smells, the sounds and the surroundings. It is a great idea to work with a professional on how to develop the ability to observe keenly. Immerse yourself into the experience of observation. You will then gain useful insights and knowledge; therefore taking on new experiences and challenges you never thought possible. Curiosity is a way to develop your ability to seek out new opportunities if you keep your mind open. This will help you develop, learn and grow immensely and it will in fact open up your intuitive abilities.

The art of affirmation- every thought and every word you express to yourself is an affirmation that is being sent out into the universe. Always make positive affirmations as when you say negative things, negative things will happen. Stay positive! This ancient art that has been taught through generations by the Greek masters, was all about the art of understanding positive power techniques to achieve the success they wanted to harness. Affirmations create confidence and attract goodness instilled within your mind. Consciously make decisions to speak positively about yourself and others. These thoughts and verbal actions will create the success you are destined for. Affirmations become what you want to attain in your life. It’s repeated mantras you will say over and over again to yourself, slowing allowing you to manifest what you want or wish for. Once you change your thinking process , you can change your life! Make a list of all positive affirmations in each aspect of your life. Categories such as family, health, success, love, mindfulness etc. If you write down everything positive and negative , you will then switch all of those negative thoughts into positive thoughts by writing down the negative affirmations into positive affirmations. For example, if you say ” I am self conscious” turn that into “ I am radiating with confidence.” Your thinking will begin to change once you grasp onto this and you will begin to see your life transform for the better! This is a very powerful art form to grasping what you want out of life! The universe will hear your calling. Everything will begin to manifest for you.

The art of attraction – this is also known as the law of attraction. Well, you should know “like attracts like” and if you agree or not , what you are in your body, spirit and mind and what you are thinking will most likely be attracted towards you! It is important when doing this to think positively and put only positive influences in your life. It is what you focus your mind on, it will begin to become your reality but you have to work at it! If you think for days about how to obtain success , you will most likely generate success for yourself. Always stay positive because when negative thoughts creep into your subconscious it will ruin the whole manifestation process. Today, start to live optimistically, looking for the good in every situation you encounter! This is how you are going to control your future!! Start to become more positive in your thinking habits and discover what experiences you should keep in your mind frame and ones you should keep away from. Distancing the negatives, will keep you in a positive mind frame. You will become more attuned with your present behaviors and attributes and this will better allow your projection for a positive future ahead of you!

Start today and you will be able to manifest all you have ever desired or wanted out of life!!

Sending love and light ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddesss

My Goddess #GetYourGoddessOn

Do you know about the archangels? If you don’t read on!

Archangels are said to be extraordinary beings , they are actually considered to be an extension of god himself. They are all healers. The name or title “archangel” was given to those who became masters of their world. They say, many of those who are now archangels, had to embody in human form, experiencing the same type of existence and tests upon God. However, some did remain in the realm of heavenly figures and never embodied the physical form of a human being. Who are the seven most important archangels to know and study? The first is archangel Michael- he is the archangel or protection and faith. Archangel Jophiel and Christine- they are the female archangel of the second ray of wisdom and illumination. They are twin flames, that amplify Christ consciousness within angels, elementals and men. The third is archangel Chamuel- archangel chamuel and his divine spirit, serve as the third ray of divine love. He has a divine compliment , Archeia Charity and together they work to expand the flame of adoration and divine love within the hearts of men and elementals. The fourth- archangel Gabriel and Hope – they are the fourth ray of purity and ascension flame. These angels guard the immaculate concept of the god design for everyone. They reinforce the flame of hope around the world. The fifth – archangel Raphael and mother Mary – archangel Raphael is the fifth ray of truth, healing , science , wholeness, the abundance of life , music and mathematics. His complement of the divine is mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. Who has appeared to many around the world. The sixth – archangel Uriel and aurora – they are the sixth ray of ministration , service and peace. It is said that they work closely with Jesus Christ himself to bring the flame of peace. The seventh – archangel zadkiel and the holy amethyst- they are the archangels of the violet ray. Together, they reinforce the qualities of gods freedom, transmutation, alchemy, justice and forgiveness. Lastly, mother Mary as we have already stated – she is the archeia of healing, integrity, truth, science and abundance. Mother Mary is said to be one of the greatest teachers of mankind. She instructs in the science of the immaculate concept and how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Now that you know about the archangels, it’s time to figure out the archangel that is most compatible with you, who watches over you and helps you fulfill your life path or destiny.

With all my love and affection

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

A memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Get Your Goddess On #MYGODDESS

How to deal with the loss of someone who has never been found?

Well, it takes 7 years to grieve a loss of someone you love or had loved very dearly. It is very hard to lose someone, especially when you have no idea where they are or what has happened to this person. On June 3rd 2011, I lost one of my best friends Lauren Spierer, she was never found to this day and is still missing. It is so difficult to figure out who or why someone would do such a thing to such a beautiful, talented, young and ambitious individual. However, we have to remember there are terrible people in this world, psychopathic, sociopathic or even narcissistic individuals who don’t want there reputations ruined. Let alone, there life ruined, if they were to come forward and speak the truth. The word is still out there, where is Lauren? Is she alive? where is she if she is dead? These are harsh realities we need to face. I have now taken the time to work on Lauren’s case with the news and we will figure out who did this, we will get down to the bottom of this terrible situation. Lauren Elizabeth Spierer was an extremely intelligent young woman who did not deserve this. If you know anything or have any information, please contact me. You can also contact Lauren’s family, or the FBI. Please be informed this is not to hurt you or make you look bad. We are just trying to find answers and get to the bottom of what happened. We want peace and closure with this situation. It has been a long 7 years, 24 days and 9 months. We would like to put an end to this horrific situation. It is so terrible to think of scenarios she might have been caught up in and all we want is closure. So please, do the right thing. Lauren, I love you, I always will love you and I am never giving up on putting an end to finding out who did this to you. All of my love and support.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Experience an array of abundance !

Experiencing abundance in all forms , the universe is going to allow you to have this!! Trust in the universe and right this down. What is it that you want to attain financially, spiritually, on a romantic level, friendship level, family relationships? Whatever the case might be .. write it all down. Then, after you make this list of things you want, I want you to write another list, this will be the list on how you are going to put these things into action. What motivations and drives will allow you to achieve these things. Once you make both of those lists stick them on your bathroom mirror and read them on a daily basis , just like a mantra you would say to yourself. The universe will take that energy and slowly but surely , help you generate an abundance of any kind you desire! Also please never forget to show your gratitude towards the universe and all it has already given you!


Laura Zukerman

Finding yourself surrounded by conflict and mayhem? It’s time to ask for peace ☮️

Austin Powers Style.

It is time to drop down into your heart and ask the universe for peace. By going inside and leaving the quarrels of the outer world for awhile, you’ll be able to better hear your intuitive guidance and the guidance of the universe. Try your best to remove yourself from the chaos and conflict, find a quiet space, breathe deeply, and silence your mind. The universe is in constant connection with you. If you bring wisdom and guidance from the universe and your intuition into any difficult situation you might be dealing with, you might be able to dissolve the quarrels and conflicts you are dealing with. Smooth over misunderstandings and lighten your life with purity , conscious effort and enlightenment!

Sending my love ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

My Goddess #GetYourGoddessOn

Money and finances can often be sources of worry, surrender your fears.

Sources of worry, no more. You can change your financial situation significantly by letting your intuition guide you into helping you find your life path. This is also the time to release the control you want to or “need” to have over your financial timing. Release your fears around money. Do what you can , and the universe will meet you halfway. Do not let fear block you from abundance. When you act, so will the universe. This will always be for your highest good. Restore your feelings of wealth and abundance and watch it expand exponentially tenfold! However do not forget to be grateful for what you have and become rooted and secure within yourself and where you stand in life.


Laura Zukerman

Happiness is a decision, you decide if you want to be happy, no one can make that decision for you.

Happiness, it is a preconceived feeling we get from doing the things we love. Ways to acquire more happiness into our lives is by being grateful for what we do have, rather then monetizing on what we do not. If you allow yourself to feel happiness in each and every waking moment, you will being to see it grow into tremendous proportions throughout your lifetime. It is a state of being, a state of awareness, allowing yourself to feel this feeling would create a reclusive state of contentment. This goes for saying, don’t be dissatisfied with what you don’t have; instead think about all of the beautiful things you do have, memories you have made, relationships that have grown into long lasting friendships etc.. family, teachers, children, whatever it might be that lights up a smile on your face when you walk into a room, think about that experience and allow it to seep into your mind constantly when you feel a certain sense of struggle throughout your day. What enables someone to maintain this state of being? Well, it really comes from within your own sense of emotional well being. If you need to work on yourself to feel happiness, by all means do so. If you feel like taking up a course in something to learn more about the world and think gaining more knowledge will create happiness for you, do it. If you feel like traveling will give you a sense of endearment, do it. If your in a broken relationship, get out. Be happy, you have one life to live. Live it in a balanced and healthy manner and you will allow a flow of cheerful abundance to flow through you, with every waking molecule in your inner being. You will electrically recharge your brain to awaken into a totally new state of awareness, which will enable happiness to create and ignite the life you have always wanted. It is all about perception of being, you think it, you can create it. You want it, then you’ll have it. It’s a misconstrued world we live in, people pessimistically wanting what they cant obtain. If only they would be aware of what they already have, everyone would live a much happier life. People would be nicer to each other, competition wouldn’t be at the forefront of the world. Not everyone has the same dreams and manifestations! Stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and start thinking about yourself and what makes you your unique self. Your an entity of beautiful light that radiates greatness, so go be a goddess of light and create that happiness that you are yearning for.

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Historically speaking how did our ancestors survive in ancient civilizations ? Well instinct of course 💫

Instinct is the drive that motivates you to do something , empowers you to be or do better. What really motivates and ignites you though? Your intuition! It’s all about your sixth sense or some would call it your third eye. Your intuition is the little voice that is clouded by all of your conscious thoughts; yes an average human being has 60,000 thoughts racing through there heads per day. If you take away all of those conscious beliefs that you were engrained with as a child, you might be able to tap into your hidden magical power buried deep down inside of you. That my friend, would be your intuition. It will never steer you wrong, it is your manifestation magnet! Made only for you! They way to obtain it and tap into its frequencies are by doing meditation, journaling, sleeping and doing awakened meditation. How do you go about all of these you might ask? Well… meditation you lay down and you get into a sleep like state , imagining yourself with a barrier or light around you, maybe your by the ocean, always remember to think positive thoughts while doing this! Then, breathe in and out deeply , acquiring a trancelike state. When you keep practicing this , it will allow you to feel and sense your intuition and how it will guide you better. While your sleeping, dreams are usually great ways to open up your sixth sense or intuition by allowing your dreams to manifest what your waking state may want to be telling you. Journaling, the third way to open up your intuition is by writing down thoughts and affirmations you want to obtain! This will work when you look back and see how far you have grown and how much you have accomplished. Lastly, awakened meditation is similar to regular meditation ; however , it’s more like day dreaming of wanting to acquire whatever you want in reality, in your mind and dreams… you think about it, about the outcome, what it is you want to have for the future you and you might soon see the results transpire! Remember though, patience , persistence and action! Lastly, remember when you obtain what you have always wanted help others! Love generously and be a wonderful person! The future is bright so seek it out and find what your inner guide is telling you to do! You and only you can change your current situation! #GoddessofIntuitivethinking #itworks


Laura Zukerman

Love yourself and take care of your mind and your health!

Starbucks for early morning Monday’s oh and btw metro north trains I dislike you and how crowded you are

Have you ever noticed in the morning how everyone is rushing to the train, to get to work? When in reality most people are working jobs they dislike and can’t control the outcome. What if there was an easier way to do things ? So life wasn’t so stressful and annoying. Well, start off with a goal- write down everything you want to achieve from that goal. Then ruminate on how your going to obtain that goal. Then finally, put that God Given Goal into ACTION! And why? Not enough people are using there left sides of their Brains to obtain creativity in this world and it’s about damn time some people begin too. So step up to the plate batter batter, it’s your turn to do something different other then what is comfortable or normal for you. I mean don’t people get bored of the same thing every single day? It’s like you go to work, you come home; you do it all over again. Do something fun with your life, take a chance because you never know where it will take you. Lastly, don’t be stopped by fear or self doubt, just go after what you want to attain and it will attract to you like glue. Whatever your great at will just come easy to you, it’s that simple. It’s called the secret from 2006 or some might now call it the law of attraction. Whatever you want to name the manifestations in the universe , to become obtainable you need to make a change. Change up your routine , change your actions , change your thoughts , change your will power , motivate yourself and do it! There aren’t many people in the world who get noticed for doing what they love and if you have the desire , the motivation and the obtainable process to know what it is you want, bring it on.


Laura Zukerman

Keep the Faith My Goddesses

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Maintain trust that the universe is working in an ordered and not a chaotic fashion. Growth and change are part of life, reality will morph itself and shift. You might not understand how life works, who does? You just have to trust that things are moving along as they should; even though you might not understand the “whys.” If you focus on the “whys” you will find yourself constantly frustrated, maybe even angry and slighted. This is definitely not a place of power. With Faith comes power, trust in yourself. Trust that faith will allow you to be protected and supported in times of need, even when you might not feel like your being helped, you are. Look for signs. Faith can move mountains. If you are lacking faith, believe that god will hear your calling and come help you in dire times of need. He will support you every step of the way. If you see a rainbow after the rain just remember to make a wish on it; someone is watching over you up above 🙏❤️😘

Align your chakras! Synchronicity is key to feeling incredible in all ways of your life! -it all starts from within the body and the mind!

with all my love and affection,

Laura Zukerman

Peace comes with Balance

Bring balance into your life , cultivate harmony. Be more selective in what obligations you want to fulfill and focus on those rather then doing a million things at once! Take time to de-stress and do some meditation each morning upon rising for about 15-20 minutes! Schedule a time during your day today to do what calms you down. Take a walk, take a nap, turn off your cell phone and email. Disconnecting from technology for awhile will keep you calm and serene. You will be in a tranquil state that you haven’t felt in awhile. Get reconnected with nature, and don’t feel guilty for making time for YOU! you will be amazed at how much more you accomplish when you allow yourself some downtime. Also recycle or donate things today you no longer need, it’s good to give back and pay it forward. Therefore , with Balance comes peace.


Laura Zukerman

Accentuate the Positives

Focus on your strengths, not your shortcomings. What you focus on will begin to grow and manifest more in depth for yourself so keep focusing on what you love to do. Get creative! Goddesses , it’s time to show the world that women run this world. 🌎 change your conditions and it will change your life. You will promote growth and healthy living, which in turn helps sustain mental brain function to grow enormously and exponentially. Cherish your gifts and your imperfections, they are what make and create the unique person that you are! Just know, if people judge you for who you are, should you really care? The answer is no. Love yourself and others will love the REAL you as well. Transformation takes patience and time; soon you will become who you were meant to be!

Goddess of love, light , healing and universal truths 🙏❤️💫

Laura Zukerman

Actions speak louder then words #GodYourGoodathis

It is not always easy to match your actions to your words, as humans it can sometimes be challenging; you might feel scared or angry about something and want to change your mind about doing something! However , always keep your word!! What begins in you heart and is uttered upon your lips needs to be channeled into whatever action you said you we’re going to perform! Remember positive affirmations are amazing for your daily life! Continue to look deep within yourself for your purpose , the reason you are here on this earth is for a life purpose that has to be fulfilled, so get to it! Bring forth these unique gifts that you were blessed with. You may come by some challenges; forget about the fear and know that you are powerful and courageous for taking the chance to do what you love doing! You are strong and you are protected by the beautiful universal energies or beings of light. 🙏

Love thy goddess who loves you. ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

Of – TheGoddessBibles

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

My Goddess #GetYourGoddesson

Oh Goddess , You God it Going On

Goddesses can you say that you are achieving the goals you desire in your life? Contemplate that and read this

Maybe you don’t have the relationships you desire , maybe you don’t make the amount of money you feel you deserve ? Maybe you are in a rut and need to get out of it. I can help you, listen to what I have to say. Once the cloud lifts , the universe will provide the keys to you to experience all the happiness you could ever want in life. The one word that is really the ultimate answer to all of these problems is AWARENESS! By gaining awareness , it is the starting point to achieving anything you desire in life. As Carl Jung once said “ until you make the unconscious conscious , it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Having awareness is the key to achieving whatever you want in life. This is because awareness is the fire in which all parts of your mind working against you will forever perish. Once you become aware of what is stopping you to achieve your goals it stops wielding power over you. Having awareness, will enable you to make powerful conscious choices about your life that will bring you closer to what truly makes you happy. This is because awareness creates and directs everything! You need to harness metaphysics , quantum physics , psychology and philosophy to harness your dreams and once you begin processing these methods in your everyday dreams you will be able to manifest what your heart desires. Integrate these approaches and I promise you will manifest what you want out of life! Much love to my goddess beings!!


Laura Zukerman

Founder and Owner BecomingYourInnerGoddess

It’s Sunday Goddesses , let’s dress casual but chic

When your dressing for a Sunday and going to brunch in Europe or Manhattan, it’s always nice to dress casual but chic. Over the weekend it’s better to get your glam on and then Sunday are for chill vibes. Now there’s something I want to discuss with all of you and that would be to stop worrying what others think about you and keep doing you!! You are you, you are strong , beautiful and courageous and you deserve to become whatever it is you desire!! So keep striving to do your best , be your best and create your best! #Becomethegoddessyouweremeanttobe #ohmgoddess #cc

❤️🙏 Love,

Laura Zukerman

What to do when another has passed on and you are left heart broken

At the age of 18 I lost my first love , it was the hardest thing I had to deal with at such a young age. However, it made me into such a stronger person living for his legacy and then realizing how I could help others overcome trauma and devastation. Losing your first love or anyone you love is so difficult but in reality everyone dies. They say the good die young, and maybe they are right … those supreme beings up there. Sometimes people just give up on life and it’s terribly sad to give up on such a beautiful experience, the joy of living each day to the fullest. When you get to that place though, there is no coming back. It’s so hard, it’s traumatizing , it’s horrific to deal with the parting of a loved one… but just know they are always watching over you. They are your angels 😇 they consistently will watch over you and guide you. You will see signs and get visions of them in your dreams knowing they are okay. They aren’t gone , their spirit stays alive and they are just in a different astral plane! Please if your feeling suicidal or dealing with problems reach out to someone who can help you! To the ones I have loved and lost , this is for you ❤️🙏 you have touched my heart in ways you don’t even know your aware of. I love you all and may you rest in paradise.

Change is the only Constant in Life, And Look How Far You have Come!

Wo-ah their girlfriend #justplaying your a goddess, so #Goditson, Lets talk human existence and change … Its crazy how much has changed. I can gladly say that I am utterly perplexed, but feeling nestled. And it goes a little something like this… So everyone has there own path in life. You never know where the universe is going to take you next. What you do know is that the consistency for a changing environment, natural habitat , relationships with significant others , hobbies, work and friend groups is everlastingly inevitable to the fallacy of change. Death is inevitable, we all die. Don’t you want to wake up every morning that you have left on this earth and be happy? Don’t waste your time and your energy on the past, you only need to focus on the present and the future! That is the ultimate secret to obtaining what you want out of life. Dwelling on what you could have done to change something will emotionally drain you tremendously and may even begin to devastate you. This could take away your sense of power, self esteem, confidence… everything that you have worked towards to better yourself, could be completely shattered from bringing up the past, especially if it was a devastatingly sad topic of discussion. I will explain why now. You are born into this world to emotionally deal with life’s dilemmas and monstrosities to make you a much stronger person. When you go back in time and think about all of those hard times, it puts a weird balance in your aura and subconscious. Just, think for NOW. This present moment and how you are going to shape your future. When your young, you naturally got accustomed to what you learned from your parents, your teachers and your friends ect… life goes on and on until one day you have an Aha moment. You realize everything you learned is completely false or to some extent at least; and you need to take on life experiences for yourself to really get to the core of the REAL you, the inner you. That being of light that radiates inside you, wanting to come out but isnt quite ready until that moment comes and you realize, well this is why I had to go through what I went through to get to this place. Or, this is why I studied and loved certain things growing up. We are all unique, its way cooler to be yourself then to be somebody your not. Who would want to meet a double of anyone? That would be down right boring and totally dull. So anyways, BE YOUR TRUE SELF and learn what really motivates you to wake up in the morning and feel like your on top of the world. Why should you feel any other way?

Laura Zukerman

Out with the Old In with the New ❤️

That is completely correct, you dispose of what does not serve you on your journey any longer and you keep moving forward. Maybe you would procrastinate a lot more when you were evolving, maybe even self sabotaging. Or maybe you were just fearful of the unknown. Whatever it might be, God All Mighty, pick yourself up, grab a kleenex and get on with your life. You have so many amazing experiences to accomplish, so many beautiful things to see, so many incredible things to do and people to meet. What are you waiting for? Start Acting Today, not tomorrow, TODAY.

When you do what you love, you will find no need to do anything else in the world.

People from all walks of life have a unique purpose on this earth. When your living your life’s purpose on this earth, everything will begin to feel amazing and just fall into place for you. Your doing what you love, you move towards that love and you are feeling better and better all of the time. You begin doing things with spirit and joy in your heart. You realize that emotional issues start to disappear and you have a weight lifted off your shoulders. You are left with a smile. PASSION is the driving force to figuring out what your life purpose is! When you have an amazing drive to do something, it usually means that is what you were here to do.

Your problems have less weight to carry on your shoulders…

You are able to handle challenges creatively…

You have less resistance towards life…

And you are in alignment with your desires

4 FUNDAMENTAL IDEALS for finding your life’s purpose!

So Goddesses, I leave you with this today, think, think hard about what you love & start taking action into the right mind sight to get it done! I believe in you.

Laura Zukerman

What is it that you do to attain happiness?

Well goddesses of the world, I will let you in on a little secret. As the law of attraction clearly states “ if you strongly believe something should happen , it will certainly happen.” We must know exactly what we want out of life, we must begin a thought process for it ; then begin asking the universe for this to manifest over and over again until it does, then we must visualize a situation where we already have what we are yearning for.. and we must live in that reality. Lastly, we can’t say what might happen because well the universe puts it all into perspective and even if you wanted a million dollars , maybe the universe decided to give you a 150 thousand dollar raise from 75k. Don’t be greedy !! Remember ladies and gents , thoughts create things !! So change your thought pattern and actions and you will manifest what you desire! XO 


Laura Zukerman ❤️



I mourn with the heartbroken and I pray for peace and clarity

Goddess , it’s time you learned no matter how long we have on this earth, it is never the right time to die. I just had a conversation with a renowned psychic who told me he was talking to a woman who was 111 years old in hospice care; her last words before she died were life it too damn short. Thank you Gladice , you have changed my life.

Here are a few pointers in life

There will always , always be new opportunities so forget about the past and move forward. Now I know this might seem difficult to some , but someone I know very well has passed away recently and my heart is broken for their family ❤️😇🙏 Please if you could pray for the passing souls in the universe to transfer over into the next phase of life.

Sending so much love ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Goddesses- Lets find the Soulmate of our dreams? Down? Ok Good.

We are creatures of our past, then by recent events and circumstances. Adult mental health is usually the experience of our childhood, it impacts our adult relationships. This is a direct result of the relationships we have as an adult. When everything clicks, it is so great to that AHA moment. Don’t you want someone who compliments what you love? With Confidence, Harmony & Balance, YOU can find the right person. Self Respect- have a sense of respect for yourself and don’t allow yourself to take you over, control you or ruin who you are. Stable relationships will usually last because they are able to as in St-Able. More to come on this topic.

In every Goddess we see Genius.

” Diamonds get the label of diamond because of its everlasting ability and its dominance over every other gemstone in the world. It’s no fluke that a diamond is called a diamond.
It doesn’t matter that a diamond is made up of pure carbon (element C). Diamond stands for much more than just a rock from the earth’s mantle. It stands for the endurance of time, the ultimate beauty of nature and the everlasting love and devotion and happiness it brings.
Diamond’s mystic charm and supernatural powers have driven man for thousands of years to wear it for protection, purification and intrigue. “

“Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein

I would like to elaborate on this understated topic for a moment. To create genius, one must have the mind that elaborately races rapid thoughts all day long. With new ideas, new inventions. The creativity must be endless with an unbound supply of opportunity for these creative endeavors. I had just watched a podcast on Karl Lagerfeld who stated- from a quote said back in 1860- ” What is going on in the world , but today who can believe in god , there is no answer. Absorb but who did the good things , The Genius.” What I take from this, is that to be a genius or a prodigy, one must acquire a certain amount of experience and knowledge that takes everything to a philosophical level. The reason, many people in the world are so pessimistic, the world is terrible these days and even with all of this knowledge, would you say some people turn there backs on it and only pretend to be naive? I would… because they don’t want to deal with struggle, hardship and temperament. For those that don’t believe in a god to your own understanding- is that god or your higher power, may have stated that the world was going to end in 2012 on the mayan calendar. However, this did not happen, the world is beginning again. After so much disaster and devastation to so many countries and cities in the US, how are we supposed to sit back and watch all of this happen. Well, don’t become involved in your charitable causes. Anyway getting back to my philosophical theory is that if you are not obtaining enough knowledge to intuitively feel or think something is going to happen to you before death, then you weren’t meant to die. Usually before someone dies, they are fully aware that it is coming, they get some sort of sensation that comes over them. Just like when you reach enlightenment, nothing scares you anymore because you are fully aware of how to handle each and every situation as it comes. As for natural disaster, I do believe god to my understanding preconceived these notions, the mayans picked up on it but not in the right way. What god to my understanding was/is really trying to do, is bring the world together, to create more love for each other. To not let your life pass you by, it could be shorter then you believe it to be. We are never guaranteed a tomorrow. If you were fully aware of your death happening tomorrow- Would you go out and live every last dream of yours today? You wouldn’t because you possibly wouldn’t be able to do it all in a 24 hour span. However, if you live your dreams day after day, you would be satisfied by the time you died because you would have known you changed human kind in some aspect or another. Lived out exactly what and when you wanted, and never regretted a single second of life because those hard times shaped who you are today! How will you make your lasting impressions on earth? Goddesses in training, think long and hard and just set out for a journey you wont regret. I will end with a quote from Oprah Winfrey who says “When there is no struggle, There is no Strength.” And Bruce Almighty hardships have definitely shaped me to become fearless. #OprahWinfreyForPresident2020

“Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.”- Albert Einstein Click to tweet

Enough is Enough, Time for serious change in Fashion my earthly Goddesses- time to shout it to the Whole Wide World? You ready?

This Letter, just gave me wonderful ideas about how to change the fashion industry so now… before revealing the letter, it is to be said that fashion needs a new head of house in town, chill out, make it fun, make it what it used to be… and the only person who can do that, would be me of course. So shouting out to the whole world… its time for a game changer, GAME OVER. #BEGINAGAIN

  • All she wanted was her dreams to become a reality and not just about the money and the power and the fame, but the colorful textures and beautiful silhouettes that constructed some of the most memorable fashion in history. Read on to see what her story will say and bring you to your knees.
  • Im not going to tell you yet, just how it will be done, but I can promise you when I am through with this new creation of fashion as a whole, It will be way different and your fantasies and idealization on the industry will be a forever mark ❤

Fashion Industry: you are breaking the creatives that have created you.

Dear Fashion Industry,

“I know you don’t know me, but I’ve been reporting on your inner workings for the better part of a decade. It hardly seems fair that I know you so well and you hardly know me at all, so, in the words of Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself.”

“When I was a little girl, I knew less than nothing about fashion. I wore my sister’s hand-me-downs and dirtied them in the forests and creeks of North Carolina. I lived wild as the wind, and by most measures, was a very, very late bloomer. My interest in fashion occurred when a lightning bolt flung by Alexander McQueen electrified my entire body the first time I laid eyes on his controversial Fall/Winter 1999 collection which I stumbled across by accident when researching Scotland’s history for a school paper. Until that moment, I never understood that fashion had a purpose beyond just cool clothes that made you fit in with cool people. I wasn’t cool growing up. I was a real, earnest, nerd girl before nerds were cool and accepted by the mainstream. I slept on Star Wars pillowcases and had my nose stuck in books so often that I regularly careened into walls because I insisted on walking and reading at the same time. I was smart in a way that I didn’t know was a threat to others until I was tortured for it regularly at school, but I quickly learned how to hide my passions and interests out of a desperate need to protect myself from the cruelty of ignorance.”

“I was also mocked and belittled for how I looked. I hit puberty like you hit your funny bone — so awkwardly and uncomfortably that it seemed like the painful tingle of it would never end. I’ll never forget the time I was with the 7th grade softball team in Anne Smith’s room (she was the coolest girl in school), and Becky White (she was the meanest girl in school) suddenly proposed that everyone “who could fill a bra” should go into Anne’s walk-in closet to try on clothes. She pointedly looked at me when she said it, so I sat red-faced in humiliated silence by myself on the bed while they all filed in and giggled behind a closed closet door. Before McQueen rescued me from my bitterness, I always thought fashion was to be found behind a door marked “Grace: Do Not Enter.””

“McQueen showed me that fashion was an art form, the most precious one possible because its purpose was to adorn and decorate the human body, to elevate it to a new level where the wearer could become anything, could dream of a better self and become it. It was acceptance of who you are at the deepest level, but it also provided a way to improve yourself in any way that you saw fit. It turns out, fashion and I would become innately intertwined to the point where it became my life’s work explaining it and celebrating it.”

“Fashion’s innate humanism is what drew me to it, but like every good and beautiful thing I’ve grown to love, I soon found it had a dark side. Because fashion is a consumer product, it is driven by the typical supply-and-demand, capitalist model. The problem is, this economic model is insatiable and greedy.”

“Because fashion is a consumer product, it is driven by the typical supply-and-demand, capitalist model. The problem is, this economic model is insatiable and greedy.”

“I can’t fathom why any single person would need a million or a billion dollars, but that’s the value that capitalism proposes: wealth and prosperity over everything. Sure, it would be nice to be rich, but I’ve never been motivated by money, so the idea of bottomless wealth genuinely baffles and upsets me. Before the 1970s, fashion houses were owned and commodified by single entities, but in the modern era they are predominantly owned and operated by luxury conglomerates like LVMH, PPR, and Kering. For the creative, beautiful, purposeful side of fashion, this is a very, very bad thing. For the investor, it is a very, very good thing.”

“Roughly around the same time that multi-national conglomerates became majority stakeholders in fashion brands we witnessed the birth of the celebrity designer, and a few years later, the birth of the super model. With both came a tidal wave of image-based marketing that led to the triumph of desire-based merchandising, which is where trends were born. This, in turn, led to the accelerated pace of fashion seasons. Society was sucked into the glamorous spectacle proposed by you, Fashion Industry, and we’ve been getting sick on these poisoned ideals ever since. Why is it that we now consume clothing at the same rate that we buy groceries? If you talk to anyone from an older generation, they’ll tell you of the days when a shoe purchase was made in deliberate, considered fashion because those were the shoes they would be wearing for years to come. It’s not just fast fashion that is to blame, because if you look at the facts and figures of a major luxury brands quarterly earnings and notice any sort of dip, what swiftly seems to follow is the dismissal of the brand head. The message is clear: produce profitable merchandise or get out.”

“Which brings me to why I’m writing this letter: I just learned of the heartbreaking fact that my beloved Alber Elbaz is leaving Lanvin after 14 years of service, and this is on the heels of the earth-shattering news that Raf Simons has departed from Dior. These are two men who have made fashion that matters. I’ve lived through these moments many times before, like when Nicolas Ghesquière left Balenciaga (I cried), when Marc Jacobs left Louis Vuitton, when McQueen committed suicide (I still cry), and the list goes on ad infinitum.”

“Fashion Industry: you are breaking the creatives that have created you.”

– I Bolded This

“The free market capitalist economic model is deeply flawed, and trickle down economic theory is a myth. Even though we’ve been falsely led to believe it’s the only system that works, it has revealed itself in the modern era to be collapsing in on itself like a black hole. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the middle class is disappearing, and the environment is slowly going the way of the buffalo. And every country that reaches the top, topples swiftly back down again. Just look at the market crash in the US in 2008, and what happened in China just over the summer. Deregulation, privatization, cronyism, bought-and-sold elections, it’s all as bad as the dystopian novelists warned us it would be.”

“When fashion is possessed by a corporation, it is beholden to corporate interest, which has nothing but the bottom line in mind. With that comes insane pressures to perform; to yield increasing profits every single quarter. Creative designers are suffering tremendously because of this, and while some are unceremoniously ousted due to poor shareholder returns, others, like Simons, are leaving with their dignity intact, they’re choosing to say “enough is enough.””

(Except Karl Lagerfeld, but he’s a total and complete anomaly in his field — in the entire known universe for that matter.)

“There is a better way to approach fashion business than by appointing figureheads and then wringing every atomic drop of creativity out of them and their teams until they are used up and useless.”

“Call me a hopeless romantic or a naive idealist, but I refuse to believe fashion ISN’T that pure, essential thing I first fell in love with, the thing that currently gives my life color, purpose, and joy whenever I am able to experience it in its true, unmolested form. Although there is no way to excoriate fashion from the crooked claws of business, there is a better way forward than this. There is a better way to approach fashion business than by appointing figureheads and then wringing every atomic drop of creativity out of them and their teams until they are used up and useless. People are not commodities. I am heartbroken to bear witness to the devaluation of creativity in the most creative field in human history. These departures should tell you that the system is broken. I am so angry to see the creative field I love be destroyed by greed. For that reason, I stand with every designer who says “enough is enough.” I don’t know the way forward, but I know there is one, and I won’t rest until I figure it out and then shout the answer to the whole wide world.”

Goddess, Read and Never Stop Reading.

“You, more than anybody else, deserve your own love and affection.”- Buddha Goddesses, I would like to make it so adamant that reading is so essential to the world we live in. Reading about any topic that interests you for 20-30 minutes a day is a start, then make it routine. Keep going from there, never stop learning about the world. It is also time to quiet your mind and reflect. By serving yourself and making you more knowledgable about the world around and the different things in life that can benefit you in the long run, you can help others, maybe even the world one day.

If you really want to be a Goddess, you serve your country, your family, those you love, your community and others. Goddesses are woman of infinite passion and they know there is nothing more satisfying than the incredible reward that happens when you give to others and the love you can give out to others as well, who need a Goddesses help. Sometimes Goddesses even the smallest gesture could mean a great deal to someone else! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!! 🙂 Until Next Time, Keep it classy.

Goddess, everyday surround yourself with Beauty, you will find it everywhere

As your journey continues, Goddess, you will begin igniting your dreams and your passions, you will naturally want to fill your environment with serenity, beauty, sweetness and bling! #Addon #Heyifitmakesyoufeelgoodwearit

Learn to put your footprint on what is surrounding you, It will help to define who you are becoming. Your environment is very the make of for your mentality to work in the Goddess lifestyle. Feng Shui- Your home, your bedroom, your office. All places where you reside most of the time! Put little things in these places that make you happy and bring you joy. With a touch of some beautiful colors and soft hues, pictures that you love- get them framed, vintage everything and anything is right up my ally. Antiques- YES PLEASE. & Of course we cant forget the infamous Art paintings. Look around to get inspiration all over the internet.

By creating an environment with things that you love it will inspire you. You do not need the most expensive things to be happy Goddess, especially to have a blissful environment. My bliss would be to live on the beach everyday, taking in that amazing ocean water and laying in the sun. That would be my bliss. What is yours? Maybe make a vision board of what you want out of life, You know what they say… Law of Attraction can bring it to you, if you believe.

Recite Affirmations everyday to motivate and enhance your Goddess self.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess Radiate Your Beauty from the inside out, imagine if you were in Vogue, everyday? What would you do.

Well first I would Spiritually say, when you release all negative thoughts as often as possible, you will begin to feel a weight lifted off of you. You will feel pampered from the inside out. Just by being more spiritual, you can see how different you will feel and EGO has no way in the Goddess mentality. No matter how much materialistic stuff you might have, it is never going to fulfill you, not even the most money in the world could satisfy you, it must come from within yourself. Remember you are not perfect, no one is, we can strive for perfection, we will never get there. Therefore, we are a work in progress. In harmony with our minds, bodies and spirit. We are always stimulating our minds and want to keep learning and rejuvenating the mind. Be creative, you never know what you might cultivate! With style and grace, you are slowly becoming a goddess of love my friend, keep reading to obtain full goddess momentum.

The Beautiful Goddess all Dressed in White

The Goddess inside of us is always looking to expand their knowledge of the world around them and grow. By gaining immediate confidence oh will you have a whirlwind of walking around all day telling yourself that your hot. Good, do it, you deserve too. More women need to be boss bitches, we cant go extinct or who will reign supreme when we die? Hah, jokes. The Goddess in you that trips 10 times to make it, this goddess is so strong that she doesn’t need anyone ambushing her. She gets right back up, on her two feet, stops blaming others for her problems and takes full and utter responsibility for that. Goddesses are not just physically or mentally fit but spiritually as well. Along these spiritual guidelines, if you study it long enough, this is the most interesting philosophy I could read hours on end. I have to say I am very blessed today, I have a fabulous career, a great group of friends, amazing clothing but materialism shouldn’t mean everything #amIrighthahayesITSaccurate. We need to stand up for our generations to come and change this world that we live in. That is why in April or May I want the UN and all of the ambassadors to get involved in my project for restoration and devastation from all of their countries that are deteriorating. What about “America Wake up” Lets figure out a way to help all of the people affected by Natural Disaster in 2018. I mean they list goes on, honestly. #getwithit. Got to go, modeling duties call! XO kisses talk when I am back.