Goddesses are never the Victim ; The Victor, yes.

Yeah, its just a mean girls thing, not its not its a self confident thing, Now to be Self Confident You do not need to put anyone else down! You Need to Lift them up ! get it ? Okay good, Class is in session my Goddesses and or God’s in training let’s begin!

Well, we all know where this one begins. We are so about female empowerment and sometimes we forget to be so grateful for how far we have come. Goddesses trust their judgement, when they are not intoxicated of course. You need the essentials #starterkit101

1) a beauty bag – the essentials would be a great masking ritual in the morning and at night. As for make up you need a contour kit, it works wonders, then some bronzer, and a lip gloss, its the perfect amount of make up and still makes you look natural.

2) always dress up to to look good for yourself every morning you take a shower. Brush your teeth, do your hair and get dressed think about it and put it into an art form

3) Always , Always have your hair done!! It looks gorgeous to have amazing hair and also nails!! Make sure your nails look 👀 bang! 🔥

Hey everyone, so now that we have discussed essentials we now are going to talk about an emotional tool box that you will need to be the Goddess you are.

Patience, Confidence, Keeping it Real, Keeping it Simple, Keeping it Classy, Be true to who you are, Be sensual and compassionate, Do not sweat the small stuff.. EVER. Lastly, ” NO” is a complete sentence, use it wisely!

From the way you dress, to the way you walk and talk , you better be Unique in your own doing or how can others look up to you for new ideas and inspiration? Need inspiration… follow some people on Instagram and Facebook that you look up to!

Remember when god closes one door he opens a window.

Find soothing ways to relax and you will reduce your stress level and decompress.

Don’t try to control the outcome, let the Universe do that for you!

Speak your Mind, Come on.. Speak up!! We want to hear what you have to say! Well. unless it’s rude of course, then, you can shut your mouth. Goddesses are about classy behavior.

Pray, Meditate and be of Service and help make the world a better place!

If you are not happy with yourself not one of these things you want to manifest for you will , because it will block off your chakra balancing.

Being in Harmony with yourself is one of life’s greatest and most amazing gifts in the world! Use this to your advantage. I beg of you.

Now as you go through my website, read each article as you are sitting down and relaxing, in a comfortable place so you feel at ease and can really take in everything I am saying. now , sit back and enjoy.


Laura Zukerman


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